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Moses Mighty Army
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Monday, August 17th, 2009
5:23 pm
Can I really help Israels PR?
When it comes to Israel; we have to understand that the antichrist is running the country and he is hiding behind them in doing all of the evil that he can inorder to bring about his evil and draconian new world order antichrist beast system!!
Sunday, February 6th, 2005
1:35 pm
When Jesus returns to Conquer His Earth
When Jesus returns to conquer His Earth; most of the planet would have been taken over by the antichrist and his followers! The whole world would have been devAstated by world war 3 and the antichrist would have captured the whole world for his father Satan. And the lost will all be, like I have said hundreds of times; BEAST CHIPPED ZOMBIE SLAVES! But those of us who know and have Jesus will be very glad because we know that the time is very short and the coming of our Lord Jesus is at hand. For those of us who are born again Christians will know that our Lord Jesus is soon to come so that we can rule with Him on the Earth.
And when our Lord returns; the He will turn His whole Kingdom to God His Father who will give us, His children the whole world to enjoy under the Kingship of our Messiah and Lord and King of kings. And those of us who have fought the good fight will be promoted as governors and rules of His kingdom also. For our rewards will be great because we have been both martyred and fought the beast and his system and we didn't receive his evil mark of the beast (beast chip)!
But those who did receive Satan's beast chip under his son the antichrist will be judged with the sinners and the lost and the hypocrites who said that they were true Christians but were only counterfeits who received Satans evil mark (computer chip) will be judged and doomed and thrown into the huge lake of fire.
Oh how wonderful it is to know that when you die now; you will not have to be cooked and fried in hell that is in the center of the Earth with the demon spiders biting your flesh and ravaging your spirit body in their hell. Oh how wonderful it is to know that if you should die now that you won't be sucked into a tremendously evil and dark and gloomy place because Jesus is your Lord and will have you in heaven
as soon as your spirit leaves your dead body. For then you will know that Jesus is Truly WONDERFUL !!!
Friday, January 14th, 2005
1:09 am
The Life And Times of Moses737 - The Demon Spiders
I have been asked repeatedly by the new people who come into Yahoo Chat what are demon spiders so I will talk about them. I first saw a whole lot of demon spiders running up and down a ministers face 29 years ago as he had me to lay my hands upon his head to pray for him as he was going to preach. (even now the demon spiders have been crawling over me all night because I am now exposing them). They were screaming and hollering as I prayed for him and I was scared and backed away shocked. But then I realize that this assistant paster didn't really like me anyway and that explained why.

So I just told a few very close people along with my wife and I just dropped it. But about 15 years I was looking at Christian television, Trinity Broadcasting Network, when a strange looking little doctor was on. He said that he had died when he fell off of his balcony at his clinic and went to heaven and Jesus said that He had to send him to hell to tell others how aweful hell is. So he was sent to hell and he winded up in a barred cell. And then he saw what he said were thousands of tiny demons that looked like spiders.

And these demons whom I have named the demon spiders were yelling at him and berating him and telling him how they were going to tear him apart and that he should have served God and Jesus and then he wouldn't be down there being tormented by them. His name is Dr.Eby and he wrote a book called "Caught Up Into Paradise." And they cursed perfusely and told him how aweful they would rip him to shreds for about an hour and then Jesus pulled him back into his body as he was resusitated and brought back to life to write that book and tell people who didn't know Jesus what horrors and terrors awaits them.
Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
7:11 pm
Oh the devil thought he had me
Oh yes baby! the devil just knew that he would kill me and bring my soul down into the regions of the damned to be constantly tormented by his demon spiders. But when I gave my life to Jesus I escaped his evil and hateful plan for my constant tormentings and I became Gods son. And since then Jesus has been very wonderful to me and my family and those whom I love. That goes for you too BlackKnight and WildAngel and MadHatter and Exmenace and Koori and GayAtheist and RockHead.

You all should leave the realms of the evil ones and come to God so you can live a very wonderful life in this life and in the next one you will live like kings and queens. I am soooooo happy that I got out of the darkness and confusion and deception and now I am a new person and it gets greater and better every single day.

For I have a God that will protect me and take good care of me and my family and those whom I love! And the war that I must fight I am fighing with my angels fighting with me and for me. But you guys have it horrible because the demons are not fighting for you. They are trying to kill you so they can have your eternal souls in their hell for some horrible tormentings and agonies.

But my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ knows what type of mansion I want and what type of heavenly animals and whales and dolphins and lions and tigers and bears O'h my I want on my paradise plantation in heaven and on the renovated Earth.

Peace be with you my brothers and Sistas!!!
1:11 am
When I gave my life to Jesus
I was a black militant in college when I gave my life to Jesus. We had a horrible racial incident on our college campus in Iowa and some of the white students were very angry at us because one of our black students who was a black belt broke a couple of their arms and ribs. So they vowed to make some of our deaths an example to the country. I was scared and out of my ghetto environment and I said that "if there is a God, help us."

And about 1 week later one of the black students who gave me 2 small paper back books, "The Late Great Planet Earth," by Hal Lindsey and a book by the Washington Redskins Football Team Chaplain and I did what those books said to do and gave my life to Jesus. The next morning my body froze and a large demon set right out of my chest and walked right out of me.

And then I immediately changed and loved everybody then and I didn't tell my friends. So I went home for summer break and went to church and my life made a great improvement and change. And I stopped smoking pot and drinking beer and wine. And I was a changed person and I knew that God was real and that Jesus was True and loving and kind and wonderful.
Saturday, January 1st, 2005
1:27 pm
The Life And Times of Moses737
This is my daily journal for the year of 2005 - Starting from January 1st 2005!

This is the great Moses and I will be telling you how blessed my life has been!

I was born in Washington DC and I am now 51 years old.
Life was hard for me being the oldest of 10 children. And living in the worst part of the city. I was timid when I was young until I moved into a horrible neighborhood in Washington D.C. at the age of 9.
But it made me tough because I had to fight for my life. And my dad taught me how to fight until I became a very good fighter at 13 years old.

I was a thief and a thug but I worked during middle and high school and always had money and nice clothes.
But I still stole because it was a bad habit and the devil had my soul and was trying to kill me or put me in prison. And I was one of the toughest guys in my neighborhood.

How many times should I have been killed? About 12 at least. One night I was stealing a pack of fresh fish when I was 14 years old so me and my friend could get some wine. The store police caught me and took me in the back of the store and slapped me and pulled out his gun and said ""You dirty stealing nigga (and he was a big black man) if you move I will shoot you. And the devil said ""Hit him Moses (I will use Moses instead of my real name to conceal my identity)You can knock the gun right out of his hand."" And then something said ""Moses this is a big man. If you hit him he will shoot you." And I listened to the second voice and that saved my life. For 2 weeks later that same store police blew a young boys chest open at point blank range. And something said ""That could have been you Moses""

And that is just one account of how I escaped certain death. For God always takes good care of His Children. And God will always protect me from the devils schemes of hurting His Black Moses!!
Thursday, December 30th, 2004
6:19 pm
How can you ignore the love of Jesus
The reason that the world is really messed up is because we have too many people who follow the works of evil and the devil who seduces them and rules them and decieves them. But this will only lead to WW3 in the end and then they will know that the Bible was very real when the plagues are scorching their butts!!
For then they will realize that all the preaching that us preachers have been doing the whole 20th century was for their good. Then they will realize that God is good and they have been following the devil and his goons!! and then they will begin to see the demon spiders running on their bodies cursing trhem and laughing at their end of the world calamities!! and they will say ""Oh blank!! that Moses was right and now that we have gotten rid of him he has returned to plague us with great punishments and demon spiders!!

And the demons spiders will be saying ""You blank right!! You should have listened to Moses/Bigboss but now it is too late for your blanks!! We are here to stay and we will be ruling you as we are ripping your chestnuts off and having you in the greatest discomforts imaginable!!

You should have listened to Jesus and not to our lies and deceptions!!
Tuesday, December 28th, 2004
7:45 pm
Why Do I fight so hard for the Souls of mankind
I have had to fight my whole life inorder not to be defeated by one enemy or the other! I have had a wonderful wonderful life because God has provided me with one. Why should I allow a unseen force to rule me when God is on my side? Why should I be defeated when Gods power is great enough to make me a victorious man of God!? Yes! Everybody that is born into this world is fighting for their eternal souls. And the demon spiders are sure to give you a fight for your life and soul as they are always luring people into sin and unbelief and deception. Those little tiny monsters of mayhem was seen by me about 29 years ago and by a doctor named Dr.Eby. He saw them too and they are just one of the many different types of little devils who want to rule the souls of mankind along with their daddy Satan.

However, Gods power is much greater than all the devils in hell and it is His will that you know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour so that you can live a wonderful and blessed and productive life in order to enjoy heaven and the next life. Don't be deceived! Whatever a man is consumed by will either bring him eternal life or eternal death. And when you know God and Jesus you are on the road to eternal life and total bliss that will make you feel like a god and king because you belong to the King of kings!
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